Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Am I allowed to mention the 'C' word in September...

I've just come back from a shopping trip, and its getting pretty damn obvious to me that the 'C' word is coming..... am I allowed to mention the 'C' word in September ?? Of course I mean Christmas.... ok, ok, I know its not what everybody wants to hear , but I'm sorry folks, its happening whether we like it or not !!! In fact it is in 100 days today !!

I do love Christmas. I love putting the decorations up on the last weekend of November, I love wrapping presents, I even like shopping for the presents, I like cooking the Christmas dinner...... but my God , I hate paying for Christmas...gggrrrrr !! Everything is so blooming expensive.

I've been browsing for a few stocking filler items for the kids today, yes I know I'm mad, but if I don't start when I do have a few pennies, then I wont be able to start at all !! So I've started. I did have a mad fit back in January and bought a few sale bits aswell, so I'm going upstairs in a minute to dig everything out that I bought then, and make a list of what to get next. It feels quite good to be in control for once...lol.... last year I left it all pretty late, so hopefully a much more organised year this year. Am I the only one, or are there other mad people out there too....?

One more lovely thing to mention.... my gorgeous eldest daughter Kirsty has sprung a surprise for me. She has arranged for us to go to London on the 12th October, have our hair done, make-up done, and a photo shoot together....... I am over the moon, thrilled and so excited. She is a wonderful daughter.... I am very, very lucky xxx

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  1. I LOVE XMAS!!!! i am that person everyone hates who does all their shopping early. In fact i am usually done by this time every year, but im slacking this year lol

  2. I have notified the blogging authorities about this way-too-early reference to the holidays. Please don't let it happen again!!!!!

    Wait... let me add some more exclamation marks to emphasize my point!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. LOL I love Jack's post!!

    I love that surprise your daughter gave you, I hope you have an amazing day.



  4. LOL at Jack !!!!!!!! Hope they don't come to arrest me !
    At least there is someone else in the world as nutty as me !! Thank you for that.
    And yes what a lovely daughter I have....so looking forward to it xx

  5. I love to put my decorations up the last week of november too. I love to see all the wrapped pressies under tree. I put loads of bows and ribbon on them all. Shame to open them sometimes.

    What a lovely surprise Kirsty has organised for you both. That is soooooooo sweet. Enjoy it hunny.

    See you on Friday xx

  6. Wow, what can i say!?

    You look amazing, really gives me faith that i can do this and keep it off. Thank you Tina, really.

    Mandy xxx