Friday, 4 September 2009

Weigh in result.....and mum's kitchen....

As expected from my sp yesterday, I have had a STS this week. Im not too surprised really.....Ive had a really hungry week this week , although I did just about stay within my points.

So back to the grind. My hunger seems to have subsided a bit, so hopefully thats a good sign. Whatever it was that was making me want to eat the entire contents of my home, seems to have disappeared... for now !!

Going to try a few different meals this week. Will try to get creative in the should be a laugh if nothing else.... Delia Smith I am not !!!!! I would love to be able to cook decent home-made yummies.....will definately give it a this space...Mum's kitchen is open !!

The weekend is upon us again and I have the opportunity of going out tomorrow night with a friend from work to a local Rugby Club. Her son plays rugby there, and she is also a sports massage lady so works for some of the rugby players. I really want to go , but yet again money is so slack......will have to wait and see. Perhaps I could go for just a little while and drink diet coke....mmmm ... I may just do that.

Anyway guys, have a good weekend. Hope all your weigh ins are good ones, and if not, don't be down about it, just fight it !!!x
Just added a quick piccy of the flapjack I made ..... yummmmmmm x

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