Sunday, 13 September 2009


Well it was time to say goodbye to the girls Grandad Reggie on Friday afternoon. The church was packed as expected as he was such a lovely popular man. The service was lovely. My girls literally broke their hearts when the coffin left the church to the music you raise me up by the male welsh choir........ ... not a dry eye in the house......
That little man is going to be greatly missed by all.
The wake afterwards was held at the social club and it was packed. I really wasn't sure what to expect, with it being all my ex-in-laws and family there , but they were wonderful. They thanked me for all the help of printing photo's of Reg and for the first time in 7 years , my ex-husband and I could chat and laugh together. In fact we ended up getting quite tiddly together and went down memory lane for a while.... which was nice. The girls are happy that we get on now. It had been very hostile for a few years, but now he seems to be a changed man, and I suppose I'm quite a bit different also .......

Goodbye Reg, sleep peacefully x

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  1. I'm glad the funeral went off ok, quite an emotional time for you all. Good too that you got on with your ex-in-laws.

    As for the ex-husband, time is a great healer and hopefully you will remain on friendly terms. It's good to remember the good times and let the bad times fade.



  2. I am now in floods of tears, followed the link for the Welsh Male Voice Choir....
    Oh Boy