Friday, 22 January 2010

Thank heavens its Friday !!!!

WOW !! What a week !! Working full time is certainly different to working my little part-time job, thats for sure !! I think this week a pair of roller skates would have helped considerably... lol... but having said that, I have enjoyed every minute !! :O)
As you may know, I started my new job on Monday morning with the Doctors Surgery. I was nervous, but Im loving it !! Marjie who is training me is nearly 50, but you wouldnt believe it, she acts and looks about 20 and she is so much fun. She is a keep fit finatic who does kick boxing and looks great, so maybe that will help me stay on track !! We have got on great and she has had me in fits of laughter this week!! Its been a brill week. I do 25 hours a week there, and dont get to sit down at all , and I am also continuing to do my job at the Osteopath Surgery for 11 hours a week which I have been doing for 19 months now and really enjoy. So all in all, apart from being shattered, and falling asleep about 10pm and the house looking a shambles, and the dog needing a walk, it has been a hectic, but enjoyable week...yippeee !! Its now Friday afternoon. I finished at the Doctor's surgery at 12, and now have the chance for the first time this week to catch up with what you guys have been doing and fill you in on my bits and bobs !!
Firstly I would like to say a huge thank you to Phil for my blog award. I am deeply honoured to have received it, and I do intend to pass it along on Sunday when I get the computer for a bit longer!! Kids will be in in a minute and take over, so I have just grabbed a quick opportunity to give you an update ! But thank you Phil, it means a lot.
Secondly weight wise... :O/ ..... erm not good !! The damage was done last weekend. On Saturday I had my first chinese in months and we ate at my mums house. Mum thought she was ordering enough food to feed an army, so I had a huge plateful of all sorts of things !! So that was day 1 of damage. Next day was out on the booze with hubby. Got in at 2am completely hammered which led to the munchies.... :O/ ..... eeeekkk so that was damage number 2. Damage number 3 last weekend occurred on Sunday. We drove the 6 hour round trip to see my sister in Shropshire. Although what I ate was not bad, I did indulge in about 6 sandwiches. Bread with me is a real issue . It blows me out considerably, and I have felt bloated all week , in fact I have felt like a whale all week. I dared to get on the scales on Tuesday and it was telling me I had gained 4 pounds, but with a week of salads, and constantly being on the go, I have managed to claw two pounds back. So this weeks result was a 2 pounds GAIN ....but TOTM arrived yesterday aswell, so that may not have helped at all..... so back to it !! Ive been pretty good since Monday, although Im finding darts night really unhelpful. We played on Wednesday night this week, but its usually on Thursday, and after the darts they always bring out more plates of sandwiches and a basket of chips .... and I do usually like to have a nibble. Im considering changing my weigh in day, but at the moment, I will keep it on Fridays.
Tomorrow have another busy day planned. Going down to Lakeside shopping centre with Karon, to meet up with a few ww people that we have got to know from the boards and facebook. Not sure yet who is coming, or how many of us will be there, as Karon has organised it, but Im looking forward to it all the same. I think a meal is planned and of course a bit of shopping :O))) ..... its going to be a good day.

If you have got this far down, then thank you for reading my rambles. I feel I have had so much to tell you !! Sorry if you have already dropped off to sleep.... I will endeavour to try harder to keep you amused next time ... LOL. Hope you are all ok. I will be reading up on you all very soon, to see what you guys have all been up to. But for now, I will say cheerio. Hope you all have a great weekend, be good, and if you can,t be good .... be careful ;O) x

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  1. I'm sure all that running around you're now doing at work will soon have the pounds falling off you. It's good to hear you are enjoying the job.
    Have fun at Lakeside. Wish I was going too!

  2. Be careful, Tina. That's a lot of setbacks for one week, and a big change like you're going through with work could make things even tougher.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Glad your enjoying your new job!
    Have a good weekend!
    Claire xx

  4. Flippin Heck girl, I couldn't catch my breath keeping up with

    Glad you are enjoying yourself and the new job:o)

    Take care huni


  5. Glad you are enjoying the new job and got a great, supportive co-worker. That will help. Yup, TGIF.

  6. whew! What a week you've had!!! Sounds like you are loving the new job and things are really exciting for you! I understand the challenge of staying on plan when there are so many things trying to trip you up!! Hope you have a great week, and that you get settled into a routine and things smooth out for you!! Good luck!

  7. woah girl, sit down before you fall down! xx