Friday, 15 January 2010

Slowly but surely ..........

Ok , so Im not going to win any medals for fastest loser , but Im happy to say I have lost another pound at my weigh in today. YAY for me !!

Today Im feeling hugely motivated. My willpower seems to have returned 100% now, which is an absolute delight, as to be honest I have found the last few weeks sooooooooooo hard !! Ive been battling away trying to stay within points and failing miserably...Ive even been craving chocolate which really is not me. If anything Im a savoury person and crave crisps daily, but chocolate? Whats all that about ?! Weird....... lol

So yes, today feels good. Ive just enjoyed a jacket potato for my dinner filled with a mixture of wafer thin ham, onion and mayonnaise, and bucket loads of salad and beetroot !! Im stuffed, but in a healthy way :O) ......

Have a great weekend everyone x
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  1. Good on ya tina, im only aiming for a pound a week so I dont get to disappointed! Have a good weekend x

  2. Yay!!! It's returned.That's soooo good to hear. You were sounding a little down before. Woooohooo on your 1lb off. After the scrap with the pizza at the weekend and losing, it's good you've been able to pull things back and still have a loss. Have a fab weekend x

  3. Slowly Slowly works :)
    Keep it up

  4. Hiya, have an award for you on my blog


  5. There is an award on my blog too, for you..hooo