Sunday, 10 January 2010

what do i need to do ......

to get my arse back into gear ???!!!!!

I was doing really well. Staying on track 90% of the time, then had weigh in on Friday where I only lost 1 pound , and I still managed to stay on track until Saturday night, when I ended up diving into Dominoes Full House pizza, wedges, and garlic bread .... this did follow a few drinky poos admittedly....aaaarrrggghhhh !!! Where is my will power ?? I seriously would like to find it again, so if anyone has seen it, please throw it back at me !!!

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  1. Awwwwwww im sorry, but im right there with you..........WHO THE HELLS STOLEN MY WILL POWER" a Reward offered if found lol

  2. Well Tina , all i can say is that all my best laid plans for the weekend away went to pot, trying hard to get back on it today as well, good luck!

  3. Don't worry - the will power is buried in the snow and will return once thawed! You did lose a pound though so WELL DONE!
    Claire xx

  4. Tina, I'm pulling you back on the waggon. Hop on board and take a seat right beside me and hold on tight. The road can be really bumpy at times and sometimes you need to wear an extra harness to keep you firmly in place. Come on girl, I know you can do this babe. xx

  5. You guys are great. Hopefully the willpower is buried in the snow Claire.... Kelly and Jo..what can I say apart from im glad Im not the only one !!! Lets all clamber back on that wagon with my lovely friend Karon. Your right hunnie, it is a bumpy road, but ive got my crash helmet on now.... OFF WE GO !!!!!! :O) x