Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Today's the day.....

that I get myself back on track !!
Im writing too many posts these days saying Ive lost the plot, and can't do this and can't do that .... but Ive given myself a stern talking to !! Do I want to end up back at virtually 19st ? Because that is exactly what is going to happen if I don't get a grip on this NOW !! Ive been here too many times, having lost loads of weight and put it all back on again and more. I AM NOT GOING TO LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN !!!!
So from today, no more excuses, no more being lazy, no more nonsense .... !! Feeling positive right now. Have just taken the dog on a 30 minute walk...which ok is not much... but a lot more than taking her out of the house, into the car, out of the car, into my mums, and vice versa which is what I have been doing lately..... poor dog !! Ive been leaving it up to my daughter to walk her, but Im so glad I did it today. She was delighted to be trudging through the remains of the snow and ice, bless her !! And isn't it weird , that when you do actually make the effort to move around, it makes you feel so much better !!!
Food intake is good today. Had a muller light yogurt for brekky, and just about to have a wafer thin ham salad for lunch. Jacket potato and beans and salad for dinner.....pretty good I think. Long may it last !!
Thank you for your comments on my last post. It's good to know your not alone, and the offer to be pulled back on the wagon again with Karon driving, should be a giggle !! I look forward to it :O)
Also on another high note, I went around to have a look at the doctors surgery where I will be starting work next Monday ! Its lovely. And Marjorie who will be training me is a complete nutcase, so I should fit in well :O) . The only downer to my new job, is my current boss who is giving me a hard time for dropping one shift with him.... although I have said I will still stay there and work both the jobs if humanly possible !! He has now called an emergency meeting with all receptionists 7.30 Thursday night..... I wouldn't mind but its 13 miles away from me, and its darts night ... why oh why can he not tell me what he wants to discuss on Thursday morning when Im working there anyway !!! GGGrrrrr......... what an idiot !!.
Anyway, will not let him get me down.... onwards and upwards, and positivity flowing ...... fingers crossed it stays this way.
TTFN guys xxx

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  1. Go Tina!! I like an enthusiastic attitude...It reminds me to be enthusiastic :)
    You look so great and you've done brillantly so far. I've got a rough holiday planned for August so I'm hoping I'll be able to wear a bikini for the first time in 7 years!! Hope you're well xx

  2. Wooohooo, you're back on board, hold tight girly. You're right once you do start to move more it does make you feel better. I always feel good once I've done my workout. Hope the meeting goes ok on Thursday. Hopefully he'll just be confirming what you already know. xx

  3. Well done Tina! Keep going - I am hoping the wagon is on it's way down to my house! Stay positive and I hope Thursday is okay.
    Claire xx

  4. Good lucky girly. I love the fact your being so positive.

    Best of luck


  5. Claire, we're on our way to pick you up too... jump on, bring a pillow to cushion the blows x

  6. Sounds like you're back in the game, girl! No way are you going to reverse direction now.
    You're right to ignore your boss, as you should everyone when they behave like assholes. Sounds like he's a toddler acting out because he can't get his own way.

  7. Keep at it
    New year new start
    lets make 2010 our year

  8. Good for you Tina, I reckon your going to make a great receptionist at the surgery, you have to be mad to do it...I have been doing it 22years, 3 months and 12 days...Hope this explains something about me:o)

  9. awwwww what a lovely lot. The support on here is amazing. Really trying hard today, have had a couple of naughty bites, but hanging on by the finger nails... (karons driving is crazy :OP ) x x x x

  10. You will do it. Love seeing your refreshened resolve. Go!