Tuesday, 23 June 2009


AAAArrrrggghhhhh !! Did a lovely post earlier about today and have just deleted...gggrrrrrr !! Oh well will narrow it down now to just a couple of piccys of our little walk around the lake at west stow today. Too tired to try writing it all out again !!!

So herewith piccys of our walk in the sunshine....

Hope you are all well and not deleting all your hard work too.... lol :O(


  1. I see that post yesterday i read it....you look like you live in a great area, very pretty.

  2. Awwww thanks. Yes that is a nice area . Only ten minutes away which is nice. I was so annoyed when I pressed delete... lol..glad you saw it anyway . Hope you are ok x

  3. I like 10 mins away from the first lake of the lake district....im thinking of taking the dogs out there tonight when it cools down a little...