Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday 6th March 2009.....size 16 !!

Its Friday 6th March ......and I have lost another 2 pounds !! Yay !! Im now 14st 9lbs !! Decided to follow the wendy plan this week. It is basically using the same amount of points over the week, but juggling them around a bit. Having a super heavy day where you use a lot more points and a super low day where you use less. It keeps your body interested !!
It has obviously worked . Will do it again in this coming week.
Im officially wearing size 16 trousers a great feeling having started at 22/ just makes you feel amazing. Had a lot of NSV aswell. People noticing and commenting on my weight. Makes you feel soooooo good when people notice. So glad I'm over my plateau now....all the walking and water is really paying off. Feeling really motivated......roll on size 14 x

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