Saturday, 13 June 2009

September 15th I start ww online...

September 15th I start ww online....Im 17st 13lbs.... :O(

I joined ww online....didn't have the confidence to go back to ww meetings. Still see myself as a failure. Having lost all that weight and being splashed on the paper, and now putting it all back on and more, just feel really embarrassed. How could I walk back in there again? No I would find that really humiliating, so I have decided to get weighed each week by my mum. She is very strict with getting away with anything wants me to lose the weight again nearly as much as I do !! When I get down to about 12 stone I may start going to meetings again. Will wait and see how I feel.

The online site I found really interesting. Plenty of good tips and advice and the 5+ board is wonderful. Full of inspirational, fun people all with the same thing in common....weight !!!! Its good to know your not alone in this journey even if you do decide to do it at home....there is always someone on the 5+ board to answer your questions, or if you need that extra bit of encouragement, they are full of praise and support.

I found it quite easy getting back into the swing of things. I started tracking everything I ate, and drinking plenty of water...two of the main things that helped me reach goal last time.

Feeling really positive....Im so glad I have joined ww again . I have never written a blog before, so please bear with me......I will try and keep you interested !!!

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