Friday, 26 June 2009

Out for lunch :O) x

Well as I mentioned yesterday, I was having lunch out today with Karon from wow I had a lovely time...
So glad we met up. As I explained yesterday, we accidently met about 5/6 weeks ago at a car boot. I was selling clothes and she came up to buy some. Clever Karon recognised me from my blog !! It was an amazing coincidence really that we had both read each others blogs and now we were stood face to face at a carboot !!! We kept in touch via facebook and our blogs and today we met for lunch !!
What a lovely person. Don't think we once stopped chatting during the whole 3 hours !! If the car park ticket wasn't about to expire, I think we would have been there for another 3 hours !! She's lovely. We chatted about everything , and of course weight watchers. Karon is doing fab. She has lost 44lbs since the beginning of January, which is fantastic. We seem to have a lot in common and I look forward to meeting up with her again.
Karon was really good today. Chose a pasta dish with side salad which was really healthy compared to my chilli con-carne, rice and cheesy garlic bread...mmmmmmm......must go check the points out in a bit !! Think I have had my days quota already... lol
Karon, I had a lovely time . Thank you. Looking forward to the next time xx

Oh My God !!! Just found out the chilli con-carne, rice and tortillas were a flaming 15 Points !!!!!!!!! thats without the yummy cheesy garlic bread...which I have pointed at 6.....Oh dear !! Well and truly over today.....!!!! But it was worth it xx

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  1. Oh thats a neat story...i live in a tiny place and there is no chance of me bumping in to anyone lol...but it would be cool..glad you had a good day, we all deserve a treat now and again.

  2. Awwww thanks Kellie...yes it was really weird how we met each other !! The chances of that happening are quite remote. Thank you hun. Yes I really enjoyed it. Just got to work it all off !! Hope your having a nice weekend xx

  3. Hiya Tina. It was strange how we met considering we live about 20 miles apart, live in different counties and the boot sale was 30 miles from me. I had a fantastic time and I thoroughly enjoyed your company. Looking forward to next time already. We must do it again soon. xx