Saturday, 13 June 2009

The beginning of my weight watcher journey.........September 15th 2008

Fat and fed up.......17st 13lbs......

Hi everyone....most of you know me on the 5+ boards as TCS1592008, but I will introduce myself properly.....I'm Tina, age 40, have 3 beautiful daughters, a hubby called Dave, and a little dog called Truffles. I work as a receptionist at an Osteopath practice. I am a gold ww member...determined to get back to goal !!!

I have been overweight from as long as I can remember. Have spent over half my life wanting to be thin. I would lose weight, only to put it all back on again and more !! I was so unhappy.

In January 2008, I weighed in at nearly 19 stone. I set about trying to lose weight on my own and only the odd pound or two would come off. By the end of August, I had only lost a stone, and to be honest it should have been coming off a lot quicker than that at my size. But any dieter will know...unless you get that light bulb moment, where you want to lose the weight sooooooo bad, then it just will not happen......Well my light bulb moment happened.....I joined ww online on September 15th 2008.....and this is how I've been getting on....

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