Friday, 26 June 2009

Friday 26th June.....

Well, as expected, I gained a blooming pound !! GGGGGGrrrrrrrrrr !! I really dont think I deserved that, but hey, one measly pound is not going to undo everything I have already done, it has just made me more bloody determined to get it off next week !!!!!!!! It just seems the nearer I get to my next stone bracket, the harder it gets and I start playing yo-yo....up, down, up, down...etc, etc...but I have to remain focused and believe that I can and will do this. I'm going to aim for a 2lb loss next week ....well, thats the plan anyway x
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  1. Awww i was thinking of you Friday...strange cuz i dont even know you, but i said to my partnr...i wonder how Tina did at her weigh in and was like "Who"????? lol

    Sorry you gained, but get back on track and see what the next week brings.

  2. Ahhh thats nice. Thank you for thinking of me. Lol ...your other half is probably still none the wiser bless him !!
    Thanks. I am straight back on track today. Really hoping for a good one. I'm so desperate to get into the 12's xx