Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday 6th February 2009....sore arm... :O(

Its Friday 6th February.....and I have gained a pound !! Ggggrrrr !! Im devastated !! Have been really good all week !! Have been super good with the food but will admit I have not done any walking or exercise this week. I badly hurt my arm and had to go to the doctors and was put on anti-imflammatries (prob spelt wrong lol) !! Fed up now :O(
I so badly want to get into the 14's by valentines day.....not sure if I will get there now.

Just want to share this with you....had an sp this morning. Its Wednesday 11th February...and yay.....14st 13lb !!! Yippee.....although not official until Friday. Will keep my fingers crossed . Been doing loads of exercise now my arm is feeling better...and I think its paying off !!

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