Saturday, 13 June 2009

December 2008.......40th birthday, stripper and christmas !!!

My wonderful hubby and family...had arranged a surprise 40th birthday party for me !! It was on the 6th December and my birthday the 8th. So many reasons to fall off the wagon, but hey your only 40 once !!!

Not only was it a surprise party, they also arranged a stripper !!! OH MY GOD !! very nice !!!! And I also got to meet cousins that I hadn't seen in about 30 years........everytime I think of it I well I wont go on !!!

Of course Christmas is on its way also. If I get through December still losing will be a miracle..!! Have decided to have Christmas Day and Boxing Day off the plan, and then jump straight back to it again. If I have any longer than that, its going to be a real battle....

Mum weighed me on Christmas Eve...and oh my god...I lost 4lbs !! Wow !! So chuffed. Got weighed again on 2nd January and lost another pound...I did it !! I survived my birthday, Ireland and Christmas and Im still losing !!!

Still got a long way to go but Im getting there.....going to do my blog weekly from the new year. I find writing it down really does help.

I now weigh 15st 7lb on Christmas Day....and I have lost 2 stone 6 pounds since September !!!
These pictures are of my 40th birthday party and Christmas Day 2008.

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