Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday 10th April 2009....and into the 13's..yippee

Its Friday 10th April.....and I really can't believe this...I have lost another 2lbs !! I am now officially in the 13's....wooooohoooooo !! :O) God that feels good. Haven't been there for at least 5 years....I was so excited....when I stood on my scales I called my hubby to get out of bed and come and have a look !!!! I stood on it 3 times to make sure it was right. Mum bless her has wrote it down in her little book. She is so happy that I'm doing it again.
Im so happy. I have been grinning from ear to ear....Its Easter weekend, and I have reached my next target right on schedule. So I really am a happy Easter!!
Ive also smashed through to the 4 stone weight loss since September. Can anything feel any better than this :OD.........roll on the 12's ...thats what I say xx

Going for a meal tonight with hubby...had tomato soup with half a crusty baguette which was nice, then to be honest my main meal was not was half a roast chicken , chips and peas. The chicken was dry and horrible, and there was a tiny piece of stuffing which tasted like were ok but not enough of them, and a tiny spoonful of although it was wasn't great !!

Although its Easter, I won't be having an egg. We only usually buy for the kids, so I won't feel left out.....but if the odd bit happens to fall in my mouth....then that will be xx Happy Easter everyone...xx

Oh God....have just come back from having a roast turkey dinner at my mums...and unless you know my mum, then you don't know her dinner's !! Most of it was fresh veg, but the roast potatoes were so yummy and homemade stuffing, and my portion control just seemed to be non-existent !! Afterwards I demolished a plateful of strawberries and onken fat free strawberry yogurt .....yummmmmmmmmm.......
think my halo has well and truly
The only thing that might save me this week is my moderately paced 3 mile walk this morning.....which earnt me 5 bonus points....but I don't really hold out much hope for weigh in this week....!!!

Its now Monday and TOTM has arrived too....there is just no way I will lose this week !

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