Thursday, 25 June 2009

weigh in day is looming.....

Ok so its Friday tomorrow, and so far have saved 8 points over the week. I included a long walk , although I know that isn't much, and have been saintly with my why is it that a SP is showing a 1lb gain ??....aaarrrggghhh. Yes I know I shouldn't SP, but can't seem to get through the week, let alone the day without doing it at some point, .... oh well, lets wait and see what the morning brings .....

Looking forward to tomorrow. Meeting up with Karon George. She is the lovely lady I met at the car boot sale that I did back in May. We have kept in touch via facebook and on here (her blog is Twinkles Trek). Really looking forward to seeing her for lunch tomorrow :O) xx

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  1. Hope your WI goes well, you are very naughty for SPing!!

  2. Thanks Bryher...yes I know...guilty as !!
    Just can't seem to break the habit of SPing !! I will try not to next week ;-) x

  3. OHHHH Sweet you did it....awwww it looks great.
    im so glad i could help choose a pretty template...

    I hope the scales dont show a 1lb gain...but if they do its not a huge amount and you can loose it again no bother...

    Have a nice day with your friend.

  4. Sorted link out :)
    gl for tomorrow