Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday 5th June 2009....and race for life on the 7th!!!

Its Friday 5th June......and I'm devastated. I have gained 2lbs !! :O( my TOTM aswell....God I wish I was a man sometimes !!

Got my race for life looming on Sunday.....eeeeeeekkkk....getting nervous It should be a good day though...looking forward to meeting up with Carole from the 5+ board.....a 5km walk should help shift this rotten 2lb !!

Its Sunday 7th June and race for life day !! I DID IT !!!What a great day it was. Went down to Maidstone with 2 of my girls. Met up with Carole , the sun shone and we did our 5km walk. Got a lovely medal for doing so and raised £165.oo !

Pictures taken of the race for life x

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