Saturday, 13 June 2009

These are the pictures that forced me into action !!!

Hate these pictures.... they were taken at my heaviest...October 2007 ...18st 12lbs.. :O(
I had previously done ww back in 2002/2003 and lost 7 stone and I became a gold member. Unfortunately after reaching my ww goal of 9st 11 pounds and being splashed all over the local paper, I stopped going !!! There were a lot of emotional issues I was dealing with, including the death of my father, and needless to say the weight just piled back on plus another 2 stone taking me to 18st 12lb. I had never been this heavy, apart from when I was heavily pregnant, but this was all me .. :O(

So thankfully, September 15th 2008 I found my motivation and desire again.....and this is how I am getting on .......

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