Friday, 19 June 2009

Friday 19th June.....and 2 x NSV !!!xx.

Whoop Whoop !! Another 2lb bites the dust !!! So pleased. Have lost another 2lb taking the total to 66lbs now....thats 4stone and 10 pounds since September 15th 2008 !!

Its been a long old week. I have finally got to grips with this blog thank goodness ...with the help of Bryher and Paul..thanks guys xx

I've also had 2 slight NSV's today.....firstly without putting too finer point on things , my size 14/16 knickers keep falling thats an NSV, not !! And also a young man asked if I needed any help carrying my shopping...!!! Talk about gobsmacked ! I declined and said thank you, but it was nice to be asked !! That never happened when I was bigger thats for sure !!!

So ending the week feeling happier than it began !! Must buy myself some new undies....xx

Just another 3 and a half pounds til I reach the 12's.....can't wait xx


  1. I saw your blog link on the 5+ boards and took a look. OMG, you are doing sooo well. I think your start weight was similar to mine, and you are really good inspiration. Keep it up, you look fab x

  2. Wooohooo, that's fantastic. You're doing so well. Hope to see you next week

    Karon xx