Sunday, 21 June 2009

Fathers Day.....

Today is fathers day and I find it quite hard.My Dad died 4 years ago due to cancer, and every birthday, christmas and of course Fathers day, I find difficult. Have just been up the cemmetry to put more flowers on and a soppy card, had a few tears and now back home. Hubby is great. Always knows when I need a cuddle bless him.
Well the chicken is on, and I have done the vegetables . Im cooking for 7 people today. My mum and my mother and father in-law are coming for dinner aswell as me, hubby and 2 of my daughters. That should take my mind off things for a while . Some of you may know from previous posts on the 5+ board that I can't really stand my in-laws. The last time I had them over on New Years Eve, they pipped me off so much, just wanted them to go ! So although I don't really like them, for hubbys sake, Im having them over for Fathers Day. If I'm gonna make the effort, I hope they will this space !!! lol ......I may be back on here in a little while for a rant, or hopefully a nice word or two.......we will have to wait and see!!!
Anyway, having cooked hubby sausage, bacon, egg, beans this morning for brekky in bed, Im feeling in control. Only had one bite of bacon and one of sausage, so no damage done so far.....the only thing I may have to have control over is gorgeous scrummy strawberry icecream and strawberries after dinner.....I have no idea how many points in may go and have a look before I have some. Ive already totalled my dinner up to being 13 points.....and thats without anything else and thats a lot out of my 20 points allowance !!! just off to check the points to you all later. Enjoy the rest of your day xx

Well I resisted the urge to strangle them...... in fact, dare I say it, they were reasonably nice...!!! Shock horror amazement !! The meal went well and they have just left to go home. I'm glad I invited them.
As for dinner, it was delicious even if I do say so myself !! And for afters I didn't give in to the ice-cream. I had a few strawberries for half a point and a tablespoon of swirly cream which I have put down as a point. I am bang smack on my 20 points now, but I do feel the nibbles coming on now, so going to have to stay out of the kitchen
Hope you have all had a lovely Fathers day , going off to do a stack of ironing now.....YUKKK !!xx

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