Saturday, 13 June 2009

Friday 17th April 2009.....

Its Friday 17th April....and as expected I have gained a pound :O( but at least I know why. So although I am back to 14st, I know I will definately have a good week this week . It was my youngest daughters birthday yesterday and I was soooooo good. Took her and a friend to Burger King and all I had was a cup of hot good is that?
Im really taking note of everything I'm doing now. Portion control, water intake, filling foods, exercise. It really does make such a difference.
Still doing my marathon walk. This time with my eldest daughter. She wants to do the race for life with me. Must get her booked in for it. She is 18 and quite fit, so think she will be ok. I may also try changing my foods again. Sometimes I get stuck in a rut with what I'm eating so will have a look at that. Also may try planning my meals for the week. Up until now I havent really done that, so that is something else to try. May go and have a look in the new Asda in our area. Haven't been yet. Heres to a good week ahead and hope to report a good loss next week.
Went shopping on Saturday, beautiful day, even treated myself to a bright pink pair of thongs....hubby likes them :O) x

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