Friday, 7 August 2009

Weigh in result... and OMG water aerobics !!!!!

YYYIIIIPPPPEEEEE............ I lost a pound.... 1 little pound (*shouts from rooftops*) !!! Im so happy. Its finally dropped again. YES !!! Can you tell I'm happy? lol .... I'm now 12st 12 pounds :OD ... thank god for that !! I really think I deserve that. Had been the same since 17th July and it was beginning to pee me off to put it mildly !! Have upped the exercise this week ...... (much more than anticipated after last night.. lol ) , and have been brill with the food and water. So yes, Im happy with that. Would it be too much to ask for another loss next week ....please, pretty please :)........

Well what can I say about last night !!! PMSL !! water aerobics with Karon ....!! :OD

To say it was a lot more than I expected is putting it mildly !! That leader had us running across the swimming pool (yes I said running in water... difficult huh?), swimming as fast as we could across the pool at least 20 times, jumping up and down, twisting and turning, waving our arms around in front of us, behind us and to the side, then the blooming floor of the pool got lowered so we were treading water for ages, killer on the legs, and then as if that weren't enough , the real fun begins ........... WOGGLES .. 2 of them !!! We had to hold them in each hand and push them into the water, up , down, up , down, side to side, back to front, my god !!! And when she said put them under each foot .... PMSL ... I thought are you being serious !!! lol .... at one stage I got the first one under my first foot, went to try and do the other one, the first one loosened itself from under my foot and I found myself floating on top of the water with the first woggle almost around my neck !!! What a laugh !! Don't think I have laughed so much in ages !! I eventually got the hang of it and we then had to do leg exercises with these woggles under our feet at the bottom of the pool ..... whoever thought this up was on dry land and had never tried it themselves !!! But what a laugh ! I certainly feel it has done me some good..... Im aching across the shoulders this morning and around my hips and thighs.

I definately will go again. Thank you so much for asking me Karon. What a giggle ..... haven't laughed so much in a long time .... x

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  1. the water aerobics sounds like so so much fun!!one day i will go.

    second- congrats on that pesky pound!!

  2. Yay to the scales being downward bound again!
    Glad you had a good laugh at aquaerobics. That will have helped the tummy muscles too. :D

  3. LOL, it is hilariously fun, isn't it? It is one of the first things I did when I began to work out and I thought it was going to be easy. My muscles were killers for days afterwards!

    So glad you enjoyed it - hope you go again and WELL DONE on breaking through the plateau - hooray!

  4. Awwww thanks so much everyone. Yes at last broke that pesky plateau.....thank goodness !!
    As for the water aerobics... lol... you really should go Sarah !! Its so much fun. And yes your right about the tummy muscles ! My back is now aching alongside my shoulders, thighs and tummy... lol ...must have done some good :OD
    Yes will definately go again ... so much fun. Thanks again guys for your lovely comments xx

  5. Tina that's fantastic the scales have moved. I heard your shouts down the A11!! LOL

    Thank you for coming along to water aerobics with me. I had a giggle. I know I've done the exercise today, upper arms, tummy and thighs all ache.

    We must go again next week xx

  6. yay!!! the sales moved for you hun!!! woopwoop!!! well done on the 1lb loss hun!!! and heres to a good week this week