Wednesday, 26 August 2009

My girls.....

Just want to introduce you to my 3 beautiful girls..... they are 3 of the reasons why I want to be healthy...... from left to right... Shannon (10), Kirsty (18), and Sophie (13).... all beautiful if I do say so myself... love them to bits and I want to be around long enough to see some equally beautiful grandchildren...... x

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  1. gorgeous gorgeous girls!! you are doing so brilliantly you are an inspiration!

  2. ah, Tina they really are gorgeous girlies! you must be so proud, and what an incentive - great motivation!

    hope you're ok xxx

  3. WOW!!
    What cracking looking girls!!
    Well done you!! ;o)

  4. Awwww thanks guys...yes I am very proud of my girlies.... can drive me mad sometimes, but love them to bits xx

  5. What lovely young ladies you have. They must take after their mum! :)

    Thanks so much for the award, which I've just noticed! I'll have a job too choosing 15 blogs to pass it on to from all the ones I follow!

    You've changed your music to Rule The World - one of my most favourite songs. :D *swoons with pleasure *I've just got home from a lovely Take That dvd day at my aunt's, when we watched all their videos, and the documentary from a couple of years back. OOOH! It's carrying on with Greatest Day! I never knew you had more than one track on... I might be here all night! LOL

  6. You've got lovely looking girls there. I know you're proud of them, I bet they're equally as proud of you :o) xx

    Oh yeah, I love the new pic of you on the sofa with your little dog. xx

  7. Ahhh thats lovely...thank you ladies...yes Im very proud of them. Don't know about taking after me very kind :O).
    Must admit love my Take That music....there is just something about it....*swoon*
    I thought the piccy of me on the sofa was so cute when I saw her little face behind me...she is such a little cutie xx

  8. Yeah, I'm quite liking the new 'Man Band' Take That!

    Lovely girlies you have there. :-) x x