Tuesday, 25 August 2009

My lovely blog award :O)...

With all the goings on lately with mum, I completely forgot to mention my lovely blog award sent to me by http://weightlossjourneybyplumptious.blogspot.com/. What a lovely idea. Thank you so much.

The rules are to pass this lovely award on to 15 other bloggers and to acknowledge the sender of yours.... how on earth do I just choose 15 ? Your all wonderful. I would pass it on to all of you, honest, but for now the 15 are as follows...

1. http://weightlossjourneybyplumptious.blogspot.com/

2. http://twinklestrek.blogspot.com/

3. http://thinfor30.blogspot.com/

4. http://shrinking-thinking.blogspot.com/

5. http://slimsexysassysixty.blogspot.com/

6. http://alotmoreexercisealittlelessofme.blogspot.com/

7. http://shaz-chewingthefat.blogspot.com/

8. http://linzerello.blogspot.com/

9. http://fat-free-me.blogspot.com/

10 http://journeytofindtherealme.blogspot.com/

11 http://jackfit.blogspot.com/

12 http://fat4now.blogspot.com/

13 http://jowantsasmallbum.blogspot.com/

14 http://kerrysoton.blogspot.com/

15 http://picklesandplums.blogspot.com/

Now that was difficult !!!!!!!

Enjoy your reward....your blogs are all fab x

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  1. Thanks you very much :)

    Hope everything is ok with your mum


  2. What a lovely idea, well done!

  3. aww bless , thank you very much xxx

  4. Awww that is very sweet Tina. Thanks so much, you made my day!

  5. awww arent you nice!!!! thankyou xxx

  6. Aww, thank you so much - hope things are a bit better with your mum.

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments, Tina. You're beautiful in and out! X X X

  8. Awwww your all welcome guys (((hugs))) xx

  9. Thank you so much Tina. It's my first award. That's cheered me up no end. Thank you darlin xx

  10. Your welcome too Karon. Hope your ok now hunnie xx

  11. That was a lovely surprise this miserable morning, thank you very much Tina.

    Love the photo's of your gorgeous girls:0)

    Hope you have managed to get you family motivated in the care of your mum,

    Big hugs