Friday, 14 August 2009

Oh yes !!!!!!!!!!!!! .....

Whoop whoop 4 lbs off !!!! To say I'm gobsmacked, surprised, shocked and speechless is an understatement !! Im more surprised than a surprised thing !!!...... I've only gone and lost a whopping 4 lbs !!!!! I said 4 lbs !!!!..My SP's were right !!! If you have been following me for a while you will know I never lose 4 lbs in one go !! Its always a pound at a time, 2 if Im lucky, but lately I've had a run of sts's.... but today.... a beautiful 4 lbs !! To say I'm over the moon is putting it mildly :O))))

I went back to basics, upped the exercise..... walking, drinking more water, aqua aerobics ..talking of which Im meeting Karon for another session of aqua aerobics at 12 today..looking forward to that... and it all seems to have done the trick. I am going to bottle up this feeling I have today, and if I lose the plot, or get stuck again, I'm going to remember what I've done to get this..... oh what a feeling to be in control ....... gives me much more satisfaction than any food could.... oh yea, oh yea, *does a little dance round the room*......

And to top it off.... Ive now lost 75 lbs since September when I joined ww, and 88 lbs since beginning of last year............ I feel good :O) ..... 12st 8 lb !!!!
I feel good by James Brown just for you Karon xxxxxxx
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  1. Wow! Just WOW!! You've come such a long way and stuck with it through the difficult sts times. Positively inspiring. I'm doing the happy dance right here with you.
    Have fun at aquaerobics!

  2. 4lbs? 4lbs? Did you say 4LBS???

    Wowza - that is fantastic!

    And 88lbs (2 fat ladies!) is a wonderful achievement - well done you!

    Enjoy aquarobics class!

  3. You are amazing Tina well done!

  4. Brilliant! Well done!

    You'll be getting your 75lb certificate too :o)

    I'm dead chuffed for you. I really look up to you and how well you are doing as your start weight was the same as mine and we have similar goal weights.

  5. Tina, that's bloody brilliant!! Just fantastic. Super-de-duper!! You need a 75lbs certificate.
    You've got me singing James Brown now... I feel good.... de ne ne ne ne ne ne... I knew that I would... de ne ne ne ne ne ne...
    See you and your huge grin at 12 xxxx

  6. WHat an amazing result! Well done for such a great loss after everything you've done so far. Hope you treat yourself for it :)

  7. Wow what a lovely lot you all are. Thank you so much for all your lovely comments. You really know how to make someone smile. I love reading all of your blogs too.... you all understand so much about this journey and what it entails. Loved every minute of aqua aerobics today with Karon, and looking forward to a meal out with her next week. Thank you everyone for taking the time to comment. You really are all so wonderful xx

  8. lol...gobsmacked. I love that word. It is sorely underused in the States. ;)

    CONGRATS on the 4lbs. How absolutely fantabulously wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  9. Thanks for the tune hunny. I really enjoyed aqua aerobics too. See you next Friday xxx