Friday, 28 August 2009

Weigh in day......

Weigh in day today folks and YAY !! Another 2 lb bites the dust !! Im now 12 st 7 lb !! Now setting my next mini target as 11 st 13 lb....just another 8 more pounds til I'm in the 11's...whoop, whoop !! If someone had told me at the beginning of last year that I would be feeling as good as this now in a size 14 jeans and 89 pounds lighter since January '08, I would not have believed them. Why oh why have I spent most of my life being overweight and feeling disgusted with myself, when really its only common sense, and a healthy way of life..... never again will I allow myself to go back to where I came from...... :O)))) xx

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  1. wow 12st7!! ahhhmayyzing!! i was that when me and hubby got together when i was 17 lol

  2. You've got the big 100 in your reach now too! Just keep on doing what you're doing.
    I don't allow myself to look back or I'll just get angry at the time wasted carrying around my excess baggage. Look to the future now - it's only just beg-u-u-un!
    ( Slade, wrong season, utterly random. Just popped into my head. Sorry! LOL )

  3. Well done Tina, you look fab! Dont dwell on the past just look forward to what is ahead of you. Bet there is loads that you do now that you couldn't last year. xx

  4. Wow Tina, 12st 7lbs, that's just fantastic. You are doing so well and you're so motivated. I think that it's even more amazing that you do it on your own and don't attend a meeting. You've only got 7.5lbs to loose to reach the 11's. ;o) You'll be there in no time at all. xxx

  5. Way to go Tina. You are doing fantastic... Ah hem, dumb question from the Canadian broad please: How may pounds in a stone? Is it 12.... ( I should know this being that I am half English...... but I don't ha ha)

  6. Thanks so much guys for your lovely words. Lol at only just beg-u-uun !!
    Yes feel so much better than before, and looking forward to getting into those 11's....
    14 pounds to a stone here Sharon.... wish it was just 12, I would be in the 11's by !!!
    Have a great weekend guys x