Monday, 10 August 2009

NSV :O))))))....

I really can't believe this !! Massive NSV for me. I washed the top that I went out in on Friday night and when I was ironing it last night, the label said SIZE 12 !!!!

I'm sure it must be a fluke, probably an oversized 12, but my god I was over the blooming moon :O))))) x

I had given it to my eldest daughter about 5 years ago when I had gained all the weight that I had lost the first time round with ww, and she loaned it to me to go out in !!!! Happy, happy :O))))))) x
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  1. Don't discount the tag! Sometimes they're wrong but most times they aren't, congrats on that kick ass NSV!!!

  2. Fantastic! What a kick that must be! :D

  3. congrats on that!!! that is amazing. i just brought a size twelve LBD as my goal dress!!!