Monday, 24 August 2009

Life in general ....

Its been a quiet few days with the children away, but they are back now with their suitcase filled with dirty washing that needs to be cleaned and ironed before next weekend when they go away again for 4 days...... lucky them !! I'm glad they are getting a few days away as we simply can't afford a holiday this year, so at least the ex is doing his good deed for the year. Just wish he would do all the pre-holiday clothes washing, ironing, packing, un-packing and re-washing and ironing. He just gets all the fun side of things, but hey... thats life !! So badly wish I could go on holiday though, really missed not having one this year :(
Took mum to the doctors again this morning. He wants her to try some patches to ease the discomfort she is in with the osteo arthritus, but she is very reluctant to try them. Needs a bit of a push there I think.
Diet wise things are going according to plan. Doesn't look like I have lost anything yet, but still got until Friday to swing it...will just have to wait and see...but being very good with food, water and walking so think I deserve a little pound or 2 would be very nice !!
Can't believe how quick the school holidays are going. The girls were not impressed when I mentioned they only have another 9 days off .... eeeeekkkkk , shock , horror across their faces !! We have the lovely little job of sorting out the rest of the uniform shopping tomorrow, that should be fun (not), so probably lose a few pounds with the stress of that !!
Have been out blackberry picking again this afternoon with my youngest Shannon (10). Its good quality time for the pair of us without the other 2 around who are so grown up now (nearly 14 and 18), who don't really like doing stuff with mum, unless its clothes shopping for them !!!
Got a bit of a headache at the moment so going to sign off now.... will be back soon no doubt to update you all on my little adventures .. so ttfn...xx

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  1. my best friend has the patches for arthritus and says they are amazing! i could give you her email to get a first hand if you like?

    good on your ex for takin the girls on holiday- thats good that he is so at least they get a holiday still, but i know what you mean about the clothes side. sucks.

    what are you going to do while theyre away?? couldnt you have a holiday at home? go out places you wouldnt normally go etc.