Wednesday, 26 August 2009

cant sleep.... lol...

Well you have to laugh really. Got up for a pee (sorry) at 3.46 am and I'm still awake now at 6.10 am. I tried going back to sleep but couldn't get comfortable. I lay there and I started thinking about my bones lol..!! Yes I said my bones !! The bones that I didn't know I had for at least the last 7 years !! And I just couldn't get comfortable because of them !! Weird NSV me .

God help me if I do lose another couple of stone, I will never sleep !!

And of course laying there, what stupid song kept going round and round in my head..... dem bones, dem bones, dem dry bones ..... lol ...... time to get up I think !!
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  1. LOL, you need one of those spongy things on your mattress - I have one and they are brill!

    I was sat on my back door step the other day, enjoying some rare sunshine and, yes, OUCH!

  2. A sort of double edged NSV lol!!

    Don't you just hate it when your brain is awake and you really don't want it to be!!
    I had the chance at a mega-lie-in the other day....nothing to do, nowhere to go....what time was I up? 6:30am ARGH!!

    And yes....a special matress will have to be your goal weight reward!! lol