Friday, 21 August 2009

weigh in day.... and thank you x

Hi peep's,

Weigh in today and I gained a pound. So back to 12st 9 lbs. Thats ok, got my totm aswell this morning, so Im blaming that. Hopefully a good loss waiting for me for next week.....

How's everyone doing ? Hope your all ok. Want to thank you all for your lovely comments on my last post. You are a lovely bunch, and your comments were very much appreciated when I was feeling down. You all helped a great deal so big (((hugs))) to you all x

My girls have gone on a camping weekend with their dad, so peace and quiet here. They went at lunchtime today and will be back Sunday evening. I hope the weather holds out for them. I think its supposed to, but you never can be too sure !!

Did my errands this morning and then met up with Karon from for lunch which was lovely. We met at weatherspoons, and both had breaded plaice , chips, peas, a round of bread and butter and a mug of tea for an astonishing £3.20 !! What a bargain !! We both ate everything apart from the bread, and the meal only came to 8.5 pts, which I think was brill as we were both full. We drank diet coke aswell, so in all a successful ww friendly meal. Good choice !!

It was lovely to see Karon again. Looking forward to next time. We had a good chat and laugh, and I learnt a lot about Karon's bonus points ;O) that she has achieved this week .... say no more !! Must say , you have helped to cheer me up no end Karon, so thank you x

So in all, although I have gained this week, and had a bit of stress worrying about my lovely mum, I'm still feeling positive, and looking forward to a good weight loss next week.

Take care guys, be good, and if you can't be good, be careful ;O) ..... have a lovely weekend x

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  1. It's good to hear you sounding a bit more chipper. Enjoy that precious time to yourself this weekend. I'm really envious. :)

  2. hiya,

    its been quiet without you, less of the dissapearing please.

    nevermind about the gain, must be TOTM, me and you are luna twins, came on the am too.

  3. yeah, it will be a good one next week - sometimes it happens like that!

    Glad you are feeling brighter - enjoy your quiet weekend.

  4. Hiya hunny.
    It was lovely to see you and it's good to see you seem a bit happier. I always enjoy your company and you make me smile. Have a fab weekend with it just being you and Dave. See you again very soon. Lots of love
    Karon xx PS thank you for the shout out x