Sunday, 2 August 2009

Im Shocked !! So much for healthy choices !!!

Hi everyone. Hope your having a great weekend. Today I got up early and decided to make the most of the sun !! We went to Kennett car boot sale which is about 10 minutes drive away from us. Lots of stalls there, but didnt buy anything. There wasnt really anything that I needed or wanted so went to mums for a cuppa. While we were there we helped her sort a cupboard out in her bedroom that she has wanted done for a while. It was getting towards lunchtime when we had finished so she suggested getting dominoes for our lunch/dinner. Well I cant remember the last time hubby and I had dominoes..... it must be getting on for a year I think !! His eyes lit up and of course the thought of it filled me with excitement and dread at the same time !! Mum ordered herself a full house large pizza. Hubby ordered a mighty meaty large pizza and some wedges......... and after very careful studying of the menu..... I ordered chicken strippers and wedges !!

I am honestly in shock now !!!!! So much for healthy choices !!!

At first I thought to myself how good I was. I was proud of my healthy choices. Although I love Dominoes pizza, and used to be able to polish off a large full house one to myself, I knew in the back of my mind that the large pizzas were 4 points per slice !!!!!!!! With that thought in my mind I proceeded to order the chicken strippers with wedges.....thinking this was the healthiest choice for me..... UNTIL ..... I now come home and check the points !!!!!!!! I have just consumed the staggering total of 27 blooming points !!!!! the wedges were 6 points !!! 6 bloody points !!! How can that be ? I ended up eating hubbys wedges not knowing how many points were in them because he was so stuffed with yummy pizza !!! So thats 2 lots of what I thought were healthy wedges = 12 POINTS !!! Could of had 3 bits of pizza for that !!!AND I then find that the chicken strippers were 8 POINTS !!!! plus the dips I had took me to a staggering 27 blooming points !!!
Im in shock !! I could of had 3 lovely bits of large pizza and some bloody wedges and it still would have been less points than what I've had :O( ......... so much for thinking I chose wisely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! P*$$ed off now !!

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  1. oooh I would be mad too, but thanks for reminding us to check out points before we eat!