Saturday, 8 August 2009


Well I'm finally getting over my hangover from hell, although I can still smell Fosters on my breath, yes I said Fosters.... I don't even like Fosters !!....and ended up drinking 4 pints of it last night, on top of 3 vodkas's and diet cokes..... Why oh why did I drink Fosters? Well I really don't know what all that was about !! Had a brill night though, well what I can remember of it .. lol :). Went to see an Irish band at The Woolpack pub in Fornham, and they were very good. Went with Maggie the landlady from my local, and another 4 women I had never met before, but we all got on like a house on fire so yes, a brill night and I look forward to the next one.... although I won't be drinking Fosters !!!

However, having gone over points by 20, I didn't expect too much from my usual morning sp..... but my god was gobsmacked to see I had lost another 2 pounds !! I jumped on twice to double check what it said and both times it said 12st 10 pounds !!!!Oh god I wish it was weigh day !!! I however, have been doing this journey long enough now to know that this could still come back and bite me on the bum, so although I savoured every minute of that 12st 10 pounds.... I know
that this could well change again by Friday ..... so Im not going to get too excited yet x

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  1. Sounds a good night! You've got to live a little sometimes but Friday's a long way away got my fingers crossed that your SP good news still stands for WI!

    I've sent you the recipes (as I remember them anyway).


  2. Hehe... I never weigh after a night of alcohol.. Because I always weigh 2-3lbs lighter.. then the following day I weigh heavier - so that plus a bit more.. its not fair :0)

  3. Thanks ladies. My sp is still showing a loss but just 1 pound now.... Im praying that either turns into 2 or stays like it is...its a loss either way...YAY !!
    I still dont understand how the body actually does that. Have a binge on booze and then you lose a couple of pounds the very next day... weird....I just dont see why that would happen...but hey. Hope your both ok .
    Tamara thank you hunnie, but where did you send the recipes .... I cant find them xx

  4. Ew Fosters - not nice! Glad you had a good time though!

    Thanks for your comment on my panicky blog this morning - it is so good to hear from someone who truly understands what I am thinking. It has been a great help and I am back on track and a little less nutty now!

  5. Hi Tina,

    Following on from your post on my thread, I got my bike from Asda for £70, bargain!