Wednesday, 5 August 2009

:O( ....

I really dont know whats happening to my weight. I think I have hit the hardest bit of this journey so far.....
After my few weeks of sts, I decided to start exercising. Yes I did the exercise yesterday as promised. I also went for a 45 minute walk. I did the swimming with my girls ...... and an sp this morning says ......... I gain a pound :O(
Unofficial until Friday, but for heavens sake.... what is a girl to do ........ :O((((
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  1. just say to yourself it is UNOFFICIAL! Half way point of the week so dont beat yourself up too much ok. promise?? hand on heart?

    anyway thanks so much for taking the time to visit me- i saw you first reply when i was off on my jolly hols and made a mental note to check in with you when i got back, and here i am! and look at you! wow. you have done aweeessommmmeee!

    where in the uk are you??

  2. i think Christmas is a bit OTT!!!

    Essex for me! your not that far away!

  3. me again!

    Yeh we were in Saxmundham and thorpeness etc in April/May, son now completely obsessed with windmills after being in suffolk!

  4. i emailed you to save cluttering your blog lol

  5. I saw your comments on big_mummy's blog and love to see other UKers so popped over. You have done BRILLIANTLY on your diet - looking fabulous and so close to goal! Jealous, but pleased for ya.

    It may take a week for the exercise to show up as weight loss, so keep at it - the rewards will be there!