Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Back to basics .......

RIGHT !!!!!

I have just had another sp , yes, yes, I know ...... la la la ..... and the blooming thing is still stuck at bl@@dy 12st 13lb ....ggggggggrrrrrrrrr !!!!!! I have been 12st 13lb now for the last 3 official weigh ins and if I'm 12st 13lb again on Fridays weigh in, Im seriously not going to be impressed !!!
The reason I sp is not because I'm obsessive, I dont think, just a case of I need to know whats going on so I can act on it ..... and it sure has made me act !! I'm all fired up now ready to fight this blooming bulge even if it kills me.... although I hope it doesn't !! So what can I do to shake things up ????!!!!

1) I know for a fact that food wise, I am usually sooooooooooo good. Yes ok I underestimated the blooming pizza session on the weekend, and went over points, but that was once in a blue moon that we have that, so not likely to happen again this side of christmas I doubt, and I am in the middle of clawing the extra points back as we speak........

2) I also know that Im really good with my water intake...... so no problem there.......

3) I track every morsel I eat, so that can't be the problem.......

I think I know where this is leading .......

4) EXERCISE ??????? What exercise ????? Right ok, so I'm going to have to start exercising if I'm to see the blooming scales go down again..... !! I was so good a few months ago. Power walking, swimming, and exercising on the wii.....and I have just let it all slide. Right, Im going to make a start right now. I'm going to go get dressed. Walk the dog before the kids get up. Then I'm going to take the kids swimming. They are not little so don't need constant watching, and I intend to do at least 30 lengths while I'm there. Then after this I'm going to do a workout at home...... I can do this and I will do this..... NOW !!!
Assuming I don't kill myself in the process.......... I'll be back !! :O) xx

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  1. fingers crossed hun try more fluid or diff type of exercise,

    oh cut out bread for a week been told that helps!!!!

    fingers rossed for friday hun

  2. Hi Tina - just read your comment on my blog, so I popped over to confess that it was reading your first sentence here this morning that prompted my own burble on the subject of SPs. :D
    Stick with it doll, and yes, do exercise if that's what it takes.
    (Hark at me giving sage advice from the safety of my enforced immobility. LOL)