Wednesday, 5 August 2009

10 reasons to be happy ... I will not give in

Ok Ive been a bit down lately, so I'm going to push my way through this plateau with positive thinking now. I'm going to focus now on all the good things about having lost 6 stone in the last 18 months.....

1) Im much happier. I was always depressed and dreaded going anywhere before. Now I cant wait to get out !! :O)

2) I can walk, and run up stairs without getting out of breath :O)

3) I'm now wearing size 14 jeans as opposed to size 22. It feels good to walk down the street in fashionable clothes and look ok .... :O)

4) I can shop in New Look and all the other lovely fashionable high street shops :O)

5) So many people commenting on my weight loss and it makes me feel fab :O)

6) Ive met so many lovely people through blogging and ww 5+ board :O)

7) I took part in my first ever race for life this year :O)

8) I am much healthier than before. I enjoy eating healthy food and dont have greasy hair or spots anymore :O)

9) I can now go swimming with my girls and not be so embarrassed about how I look :O)

10)Hubby complains about my boney elbows digging him while asleep..... I never used to know where my bones were !! Now I have collar bones, hip bones, proper knees and elbows... :O)

All these reasons to be happy .... so many reasons to not give in and just keep pushing past my plateau... x

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  1. Sorry to hear that you've been feeling a bit down of late, hope you're feeling better now.
    What a brilliant list! I can't wait for the day I can write much of the same. You must be so proud. Thanks for the inspiration, I'll keep dreaming about those size 14 jeans and hopefully I'll have a list as great as this one soon!
    Jen x

  2. my hubby did that to me recently in his come hither way he was stroking my hip and he said "you can properly feel your hip bone now" and i was like "i have bones???? seriously???"

    You have a lot to be happy about- so chin up shoulders back and smile! there thats better

  3. Awwww thanks guys...feeling a lot happier now than earlier. Its good to be in a positive frame of mind. The world seems a much brighter place when you smile x

  4. hun it wouldnt surprise me if ur gaining muscle and muscle weighs more then fat!!! so please dont get discourage keep up with the exercise and you should see plenty of results next week!!! oh re do your measurements u might get a surprise