Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Would somebody please tell me where the weeks are going? Time is flying by.... I just cannot believe that we are about to enter August already !!!
I've been working very long hours this past two weeks, in some ways this is good. It's bringing in the extra money which I will be needing and it's helping to take my mind off all the other things going on in my life, but the only downside to this extra work is the hours I am away from my girls. Luckily 2 evenings a week they have dinner at their Nans, and 2 evenings a week dinner at their dads, and then one night every weekend they stay at their dads, so I'm quite lucky to have some good support. However, I now find myself with TWO DAYS OFF WORK!!! Me excited, YES !! So plan for today is to take youngest to the dentist, and then head to the shops with both of them. I'm really looking forward to spending some quality time with them.....hopefully go to the pictures today or tomorrow aswell...
On the ww side of things, I have been an angel, apart from last night. My eldest daughter and her now Fiance returned from her holiday in Corfu and decided to come round and spend time with her Mum :O) ... we ended up ordering Chinese, which was heavenly...I haven't had anything naughty in a long time, so I made the most of it !! I haven't dared step on the scales yet this morning, perhaps I will wait for Friday !!!
Hope you all have a great day xx

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  1. Your telling me! 148 days till Xmas!! how????

    mmm yummy chinese, glad it was good xx