Sunday, 8 August 2010

I really must stop worrying what people think....

Well things are going along quite nicely now. It's been 3 weeks since hubby left, and life is starting to pick up again. I'm feeling positive about things. I'm enjoying being free to do what I want without having to hear moaning from anyone else and my girls seem happier, which is great. And furthermore I've been totally focused on the ww side of things, and I lost a lovely 3 lbs this week !! I haven't had a loss like that for blooming ages, so it was very gratefully received.
I've now got a week off from work !! whoop whoop !! Really need a break from work. I will be busy however, planning and preparing the food for my daughters engagement party next Saturday night. We are catering for about 200 people, so its going to be busy, busy for me !! I am really looking forward to the party. Ive been shopping today looking for something nice to wear. I do have a lovely dress at home, but not sure about it....will have to do a fashion show I think in front of my girls to get their opinions ! Still hate my belly and arms which is what is preventing me from wearing the dress....but we will see. Its about time I started liking myself 6 stone lighter than I was, instead of always picking fault with the way I look.... will I ever learn to just relax and enjoy myself and don't give a monkeys about what other people think I look like ? One day I hope !!

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