Thursday, 12 August 2010

pampering and over indulgence...!! but a great day...

Had a lovely day yesterday. I won a pamper day for two people at Clarice House in Bury St Edmunds and decided to take along the lovely Karon as a kind of belated 40th birthday prezzie.
We spent the day using the spa, sauna, steam room, swimming pool, had a facial, a manicure, a 3 course was heaven !!! :O) . We even ended up dozing by the pool was the perfect relaxing day. Lunch was fantastic. I started with pork and bacon terrine, served with salad and granary bread...yum....then for mains opted for the Clarice burger which was huge !! This was served with was soooooo good and drizzled with cheese and bacon...I dread to think how many points were in that !! ...not had a burger that good before !! For pud I opted for an apricot pie with amaretto die for !! Needless to say, I have not counted the points at all...I was determined just to enjoy the day and worry about the weight later !! But the whole experience was fab and I would definately like to go back again. I'm really glad Karon enjoyed herself .
This however, was not the end of a brill day .... why does everything happen on the same day?
A work colleague from the Doctors Surgery is leaving and going to live in America, so last night was her planned leaving do. I got back from Clarice House about 6.40 and had to be at the meal (yes another meal!!!!) by 7.30 !! I just about made it on time, but to be honest I didn't really need anymore food !! However, some how I managed to divulge deep fried brie in breadcrumbs for starter, and steak and ale pie, mash and veg for mains, but I did pass on dessert... (sigh of relief from my stomach!)...Im still full up now 12 hours later !! But all in all a brill day and night.
Ive now got my daughters engagement party to look forward to Saturday night. Its going to be a busy 48 hours leading up to it, but I'm looking forward to it none the less. Should be a good night.
Not sure if I will step on the scales tomorrow....Ive got a feeling my 3 lb loss from last week is going to be history and a definate GAIN is in order !! Maybe I will be brave and go for it....will let you know how I get on if I do !!

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  1. Glad you had a good day. I'd not worry overly about the points yesterday, just get back at it today :) Have a fab time at the party! x

  2. life is for LIVING.
    todays a new day and you can get back to routine if you choose---so glad yesterday was a great one.


  3. utterly 100% agree with Mizfit. LIVE your life and don't sweat the scale. YOU HAD FUN and that is worth infinatly more :)