Monday, 31 May 2010

my week ..........

Having had a brilliant healthy week, I felt terrific. Eating healthily, exercising , tracking and drinking water ... me ? Yes, totally for a whole week !!!! It made me feel great, but you can guess how I felt when Friday came, time to get weighed and I see a one pound GAIN looking back at me !!!!! What ??! How can that be? This weight loss malarkey can be so cruel sometimes ......
But hey, Im determined. Im not going to let that beat me. Although, however, my halo has slipped slightly with having fish and chips on Friday and a mammoth BBQ yesterday, and also my boss at work has started to get into the habit of buying lunch for me last Thursday and Friday. They were healthy lunches, but none the less, must nip that in the bud. His selections have been rice and pasta, and both hold water so maybe I will just ask for a salad if he does it again this week, bless him. Don't want to go hurting his feelings, or he won't do it again, and its about time he appreciated me !!! Anyway, claw back has begun today and Im determined to get a loss at the scales this week.
Life in general still hectic, but right now Im loving it. I had a massive clean out in my daughters bedroom this week. Ive never seen so much rubbish !! But I decided it had to be done. 3 black bin bags later and her bedroom can now be called a bedroom instead of the local dump. Just got to do the other daughters bedroom today, and that will make me feel better. Yes I know they should do it themselves, but they are sooooooo lazy and they never do it properly anyway, so I may aswell do it.

My house is still up for sale. Its been on the market nearly 6 months now and Im getting fed up. Ive been to look at 2, 3 bedroomed bungalows on Saturday and we have another one to view today, but why oh why won't someone buy mine :O( .... its not a bad house, in fact its a lovely house. Ive done so much work in here, but I just feel its time to move after 20 years. I need a fresh start. So cleaning out the clutter now, hopefully will save me some work when and if we get someone interested enough to make an offer. We have only had one offer in all that time, although plenty of people looking round, but I can now see why they say selling a house can be one of the most stressful things people do !! Fingers crossed now that we have dropped the price a bit, that someone may come very soon and buy it !
Anyway, on a scale of one to ten for life right now.....Im going to give it an 8 . Like I said, its hectic, but good. All I need now is to move and lose this weight and I will be happy !
Anyway take care guys. Still love reading your blogs . Catch ya soon x

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  1. Clearing out the clutter might also be the key to getting a buyer interested too! I used to love getting to grips with my kids rooms - I chucked out loads of stuff they never ever missed. I'm an inveterate chucker outer - the legacy of having moved house ten times, I suppose.

    Shame about the pound on, but just keep plugging away at it and with determination you'll get there, I know. Have a good week!

  2. Good luck for a loss this week and I hope you find a buyer soon. It gets stressful after a while but Im sure it will be worth it in the end :)

    Roo xoxo