Saturday, 15 May 2010

back from holiday .......

Well the long awaited holiday has now been and gone, and what a wonderful holiday it was. I have come home re-freshed and relaxed after a lovely week in the warm sunshine.

I have a lovely sun-tan, some brilliant memories and some great pictures. I also have a lovely friend with whom I shared this holiday, and I want to say thank you Karon for helping to make it a great week. We had a lot of giggles, too much food, and the odd cocktail or three !!! Ive got some brilliant memories which will stay with me always. I even managed to see turtles swimming in the sea.... how awsome was that !!

The downside to coming home is I have come home to a rather large gain at the scales. The Friday before I went (2 weeks ago) I weighed 12st 6 lbs. Yesterday, Friday, I weighed in at 13 stone exactly. I think I came off lightly with an 8 pound gain because on Wednesday morning it was showing 13 stone 7 which when I saw that I nearly fell through the floor !!! I think a lot of activity on the loo managed to throw those extra 7 pounds off straight away thank goodness !! So needless to say, Im back with avengance !! Im going to lose this weight. Im going to get back to where I was before Christmas (11st 12 lb), I am going to stick with this. Yes I enjoyed every single bite on holiday. The food was delicious, but its now time to knuckle down and get serious. I want this next 2 stone off before Christmas, so watch this space !!

Hope your all keeping well guys.... I will leave you all with a few piccys of our fabulous holiday...... and I look forward to the next one x please watch our nutty video below.... it makes me laugh every time I see it x


  1. So glad that you had a really good time - your pictures are fab. It looks like it was well worth the gain. I can't wait to get away to some decent weather too.
    Best wishes for getting back on track. Two stone by Christmas - easy-peasy for you! :D

  2. Looks & sounds like you n Karon had a ball, sooo jealous! Dont beat yourself up too much about the gain, its acceptable on hols. You will get that off well quick. Take care x

  3. Oh wow, what a fantastic holiday it was Tina. Thank you so much for suggesting it and asking me along. We had a brilliant time. I enjoyed every single minute!!
    Love the pics, thank you for taking so many. I'm hopeless when it comes to taking photos. You've got lots of good ones. The video is great and makes me laugh every time I see it too. I end up with tears rolling down my face. I don't even know what was so funny, what ever it was, it was good :o)
    The scales will come right again. You'll stick with it now. Same with me too.
    Roll on the next holiday. Anyone else going to join us? Thank you my friend xxx