Tuesday, 25 May 2010

ho hum ........

Isn't it weird how life can be . Before my holiday I was struggling like crazy with my weight, having gone up and down like a yo-yo for a year. But now, I have my desire back..... the will power is here and Im doing everything by the book and back to basics. I haven't felt this positive for ages, and its good to get it back. So why is it, that a sneaky peek is showing a gain !!!!!! aaaarrrggghhhhh..... ok, ok, I know I shouldn't sneaky peek, but thats the only way I know how to stay focused, and yes I know I still have until Friday to properly weigh in, but how utterly gutting. And to top it off Im having a *FAT* day ... I feel HUGE !!!! Is it any wonder that people give in ? Luckily my positive frame of mind is going to just think of this as a temporary blip, and look forward to seeing a LOSS on Friday.....or else !! x

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  1. Sneak previews do no good, I weigh once a week, good or bad, at the same time of the day with the scales in exactly the same place. Bodily fluctuations can give a false reading, again good or bad. But once a week keeps things steady...Well it works for me:)

    Turkey is FAB isn't it? xxx

  2. I remember a good while back that we both said we always go back up after weigh in for a couple of days, and the week's loss doesn't kick in until the day or two before the next weigh in. Surely that's all that's happening now, especially when you're exuding enthusiasm and sticking to the letter of the WW law? Chin up, sweetie. It will all come out in the wash. Or something. :D

  3. never sneaky peek, it never does any good. feel free to throw that one at me one day lol

  4. Giving in only means having to start over. Think of it that way. :)