Friday, 21 May 2010

Ive found my willpower again !!

Yay !!! 3 pounds off for me this week. Back to 12 st 11 pounds. I'm really pleased with this. To have been able to get straight back on track after my holiday is all new to me. In the past a gain of 8 pounds would have meant throwing in the towel and saying sod it. But not this time. I had started to feel uncomfortable in my clothes, started noticing the extra bulges on my tummy and realising that I didn't feel or look as good as I could. I felt sluggish and tired and I don't want to be going down this road again. Its amazing what I have learnt this time round. Im learning to read my body language, and right now my body is saying .... be good, get back on track, you want to feel and look good don't you? And yes, I do. I want that more than anything and furthermore, I want to be healthy !!! More than ever in my life before, I am now listening to the signals that my body wants to be looked after, and I owe it that after 41 years, surely !!
So Ive started tracking again (which I havent done properly for about a month) , Ive started drinking as much water as I can, and Im eating fresh and healthy food. Long may this continue. Ive faffed about for the last 10 months, in fact, I still weigh the same as I did in July 09. I suppose the good thing in that is I haven't gained more, so thats a mini achievement I suppose ! But now that I seem to have found my willpower again, Im gonna hold onto it as tight as I can x

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