Sunday, 6 June 2010

determination, trainers and Christmas !!

Hi Guys

Yet another week has passed since I last wrote my blog, and I simply cannot believe how fast this year is going. The weeks are all blending into one and to think that we are only 2 weeks away from the longest day of the year, and then the nights start drawing in again is quite a frightening thought !! Before we know it, the *C* word will be on the cards, and that brings me to my next focus on my weight loss journey.
Now I'm sorry to be talking about the *C* word in June, but I'm going to aim to be back in the 11's before the tinsel is out and christmas crackers are pulled !!
I had a STS this week. Im 12st 12 lbs. Last Christmas I weighed 11st 12 lbs, so I have gained a stone in 6 months, and Im determined not to gain another pound more. My new enthusiasm has seen me take to my trainers today to do a fast 2 mile walk first thing this morning, and Ive eaten like an angel. I WILL see a loss on the scales this week. My water bottle is ready, there is fresh salad in the fridge, and there are no more excuses. To help me focus, I am going to photograph my weigh ins (if I remember !!) every Friday morning to help keep me accountable. As I dont get weighed at class, I think I need you guys watching my weigh ins so that you can all keep me in check. Hope you don't mind. If you see the scales going up, please feel free to give me a very stern kick up the **** !!!!
Thanks guys x x x

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