Saturday, 12 June 2010

another weigh in .....

Another weigh in and another pound gained ... hhhrrmmpphhh !! Back to 12st 13 lbs again :o( .... but TOTM did arrive 2 days before weigh in, so who knows what it would have been if mother nature hadn't of reared her head again. Oh well onwards to the next week..... having said that my mum has just treated hubby and I to an Indian meal, which was absolutely gorgeous and I feel totally stuffed !! I haven't had Indian food in over 2 years, so I don't feel too guilty !! However, its a good job its another 6 days til weigh in !
Its been a busy old week again. Busy, but good. I feel something is about to happen on the house front. We are changing estate agents now to a local firm now, and feel convinced that this should get us sold in the very near future. I think the mistake we made was to advertise with a company from out of the area. Hopefully after the 22nd when the contract ends, we can make a fresh start and get moving soon. We have been to view several places recently, all rather nice, so just hoping they dont get snapped up before we get sold ! Would dearly love to get moved and settled before the end of the year, so fingers crossed.
A lot has been happening at work and Im enjoying both my jobs right now, and feel very fortunate. To have 2 jobs and enjoy them both is brill. I never thought I would see the day where getting up for work was a pleasure , rather than a chore. The new challenge of Practice Manager is going well, so long may it continue.
I haven't been out at all lately though, so feel that needs to change. Darts has stopped for me at the moment, but the ladies of the darts team are having a get together tomorrow afternoon. Think I may join them for a glass of wine ...sounds like a good plan to me :o) ...
So all in all things are good. Positivity on the weight side is pretty high, but I have noticed my tracking is a bit hit and miss at the moment. Im guessing points and not always writing things down, so this week that is my aim, to make sure I track everything. Im still drinking my water, and eating healthily during the week, so who knows, I may even lose some weight this week ....
Ok guys, so its over and out from me now. Keep blogging, I love reading them, and hope you all have a good week. TTFN xx

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