Tuesday, 29 December 2009


After all those hours of preparation, trudging the streets for prezzies, wrapping them, sending cards, food shops, and the christmas decco's covering the house, and eating until your stuffed, its now all over again for another year ......
Although I had a good day, the vast majority of it was spent in the kitchen (again)!! The day began with my 2 daughters opening a sack full of prezzies each, I dont think they were disappointed by their reactions. Santa had bought some pretty good things this year ;O) . If anything, this is my happiest part of the day. Seeing my girls being happy. To me that means a lot. After they had finished, hubby and I exchanged gifts. 3 of mine I had chosen already, a ww cook book, a new pair of boots (that I had already borrowed on my night out with Karon) but they had been wrapped up afterwards, and a hairdryer. Not overly exciting, but things I either needed or wanted, so that was good. I also got some perfume, and a mug. Hubby was pleased with his wii games, and Delia Smith's cook book... LOL ... he can't stand Delia Smith !! He is an avid Ipswich supporter , and of course Delia is associated with their biggest rivals Norwich City .... but he did see the funny side when he opened the prezzy. My darling daughters had bought us prezzys too. My youngest knows I have a mad passion for Simon Cowell :OP .... and she bought me a gorgeous Simon Cowell calendar !! And my other daughter bought me a lovely big cup with me to you bears on it. Lovely. They really are great kids and I love them to bits.
After all the prezzy giving, I then went to lay a christmas wreath on Dads grave with mum, and came back to do dinner whilst hubby and girls went to the outlaws in Bury to deliver presents. They were gone for 2 and a half hours whilst I was up to my eyes in roast potatoes, and brussels ..... but hey, someones gotta do it !!
Dinner went well, totally went overboard !! My Mum and eldest daughter joined us for dinner also which was good. After an hour or so after dinner, the girls packed their bits to go to their dads for a couple of days which they enjoy doing. Boxing Day I didnt even get out of my Pj's until 3pm. Sat doing a 1000 piece puzzle which I had bought for hubby. It was blooming difficult, you see, the picture on the front, is not the picture on the puzzle. You have to guess what happened next ... we have finished it, but boy was that hard !!
On Sunday I was cooking for the outlaws. From previous posts, you may know that they are not my favourite people, but its Christmas, and I thought I should offer. No-one else offers to have them..... I wonder why ??!!
So that was Christmas really. I worked the 3 days leading up to Christmas Eve, and today Im back to work for the 3 days leading up to New Years Eve, which is a bit of a grind as hubby and the kids have 2 weeks off ..... yes Im starting to feel sorry for myself ... LOL !!
I did have a lovely Christmas, but every year I find it an anti-climax. I suppose I put so much effort in, and get little out.... but hey.... the impressions left in my mind are the girls faces when opening their prezzies .... and my 10 year old on Christmas Eve writing a little note for Santa, and the carrots that are still laying all over the garden which the reindeers couldnt eat ..... thats Christmas ..... and thats what counts... my girls x x x

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  1. I am so glad you had a great time - love the photos, lol!

    I too have the post-Christmas blues - why is it over so quick?

    Enjoy the New Year, though!

  2. Hi
    You look amazing, great inspiration, just wanted to say I do the same at Christmas, really go to town and then wonder why everyone else is not so excited!! Teenage sons are not so keen on Santa (I have an 18yr old at home) but my grandchildren make up for it!!

  3. It sounds as though you had a wonderful day hunny :o) You got some nice presents, other than the calendar......... weird! LOL
    Thank you so much for pressies they were lovely. I wore them Christmas day.
    I'd also like to wish you a very Happy New Year and hope that 2010 is fantastic for you. xxx

  4. Your daughters look so much like you. If you hadn't of said, I would have asked if they were related to you. :)

    Sounds like you had a lovely holiday. I try to look at it as, giving is what it's about and that's what I did [besides eat too much - thank goodness it's over].

  5. I LOOVE that you do it up right and absolutely LOVE your pics - they're awesome. Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! All the best in 2010!