Thursday, 10 December 2009

Birthday week ..........

Well I have now reached the grand old age of 41 !! It was my birthday on Tuesday, and I had a lovely day. The first birthday meal was on Monday night with hubby, my 3 girls, and my mum. We ate at The Manger at Bradfield Combust. I found it really hard to choose what to have,as there was a lovely choice. I was torn between chicken kiev or mixed grill. I opted for the Chicken Kiev, as I hadnt had this for such a long time. I could almost taste the garlic butter....dribble dribble, but they came back to the table and said they only had one kiev left, so I let my eldest daughter have it... :O(( ....... I then decided to have the mixed grill .... Oh My !!! It was huge !! I enjoyed every single mouthful , and really struggled to eat it all. Eventually I managed to eat it, and couldnt move for a while... lol.... I dread to think how many points were in that !!! About 90 Im sure !! After half an hour everyone decided to choose dessert..... to be honest, I didnt really need one, but I thought as it was my birthday I would indulge..........I indulged in the most delicious, absolutely scrummy, devine chocolate mouse, with cream inside, covered with melted chocolate snickers bar on top.... I cant remember what the full name of it was, but called something lumpy bumpy and it most certainly made me feel lumpy and bumpy........Ive never tasted anything so nice ... EVER !!! It was heaven on a plate :OP ......
On Tuesday, I opened my prezzies and cards. I got money, PJ's , A bottle of Ouzo , Dressing gown , and a cd. We then dropped the kids into school and went out for the whole day. We started at Marlows, and had a leisurely browse around the christmas goodies, then we went bowling , then went out for lunch... a delicious steak pie and vegetables, then went to the arc shopping centre, then to matalan, then to our local pub for a couple of hours before returning home at 8pm... it was a busy, but lovely day. Not having to worry about getting back or rushing to work was just so nice. Wish I could do things like that more often :O))))....
So all in all, a lovely couple of days. I havent dare step on the scales all week.... my body has been churning and gurgling since my massive mixed grill on Monday. Its just not used to that volume of food anymore, or that type of food !! So not sure wether to weigh in tomorrow or not .... I will wait and see..... yes I know, Im a
Off to darts tonight...looking forward to playing for the team again. I really enjoy those nights out.
Hope you are all ok. Been trying to catch up with a few blogs in between birthdays and christmas shopping lol....what a busy time of year x

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  1. 'woolf whistles rather loudly' look at you in your latest picture. Looking really fantastic lady!!
    It sounds as though you've been having a lovely week off. Ooooohhh that lumpy bumpy dessert sounds wonderful.
    See you on Friday xx

  2. Glad you had a fab birthday!!

  3. You share the same birthday as my husband, I knew you were special but now I know you are Extra Special;o)

    Belated Birthday wishes


  4. You look amazing!! That dessert sounds really good. Anyway, thank you for stopping by my blog and the nice comments!! Much appreciated :)