Friday, 18 December 2009

Absolutely over the moon !! I lost 4 pounds !!!!!!!!! Yes 4 lbs !!! Back to 11 st 12 lbs :O)))) ....
Im thrilled to bits with that. My word my body is sooooooooo weird !! I was even on the ww 5+ board at the beginning of this week whinging that I looked like I was heading for a 1 pound gain to add to the 3 pounds I gained last week due to my birthday..... and here I am having not only lost the 3 lb that I gained last week, but they bought a little friend with them !!! :O))) !!
I have been really good this week, although I still come slightly over points by 4 . Im still trying to make wise decisions, although I have thoroughly enjoyed doing some home cooking this week, which consisted of home made mince pies and little brandy cakes ...... mmmmmmm .... :OP ..... not sure where this urge to cook is coming from, as I am no domestic goddess by far , but hey , I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I may see what else I can conjur up this weekend. Any suggestions or recipes would be greatly received !!
Although I have had a brilliant result today, which Im delighted with, I have found the last few weeks really difficult. There are some delicious foods around this time of year, that other members of the family dive into without a seconds thought, and I either sit there sulking or have to work out whether I have enough points left for, and my 19 points doesn't even go anywhere near what I really want to be eating. Its been a hard month. Im hoping that when January arrives, this feeling will disappear and I will get my drive back to get the rest of this weight off. I think a lot of people are feeling the same right now.......
So on this very happy note , Im off to start the day. Ive woke up at 5 am, not good as Im out drinking with the lovely Karon tonight from We have never had a night out together before, and should be a giggle !! Im looking forward to it. There may be pictures coming, so be prepared !!! A happy bunny today, just in time for christmas :O)))... Ive not decided yet whether to weigh in next week or not. It will be Christmas day and Im sure by then, the Christmas nibbles will have set in on Christmas Eve big time. Ive decided to have Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day off plan, and jump back to it after that. I may not weigh again so that I can enjoy this high Im on now, and think to myself, hey girl .... your in the 11's for Christmas !!!!!! WHOOOPPPPEEEEE !!!!!!

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  1. Fantastic, well done lady! Have a fab night out with Karon tonight, looking forward to see the pictures :)


  2. OMG, that's bloody fantastic girl. I'm so happy for you. In the 11's for Christmas, woooooohoooo what a great present.
    Really looking forward to tonight. Can't wait. My camera battery is on charge and I've got the vodka, lemonade and lime..... sugar free of course LOL xxx

  3. Hi, I have an award for you on my blog.

    There are no paticular rules to passing it on other than the person has to have inspired you in some way. Phil