Wednesday, 15 September 2010

note to oneself...need to blog more often !!x

Helloooooo there !! How ya all doing ? Sorry its been a while from me again, so much to say, but yet not finding the time to get on here !!
Things are still going well with my new found freedom. I am enjoying being on my own, I don't have to answer to anyone and I feel so much happier. My girls are happier now too, and that is so important to me. How can one person make everyone else feel so miserable ?? I just don't understand the need to be like that ! But hey, there is rarely a day goes by now without me smiling, laughing, chatting and just generally enjoying life. What a great feeling !!
On the weight front I am being almost saintly....I say almost because I seem to have a great system working for me at the moment. I am 100% good Monday to Friday, and then I have almost anything I want on the weekend. Last week I lost 3 lbs !! I am over the moon with that. I weighed in at 12st 6 lbs...which is only 1 lb away from where I was at the beginning of January, so yay !!! I'm feeling good about that. Just want to try and get back into the 11's again for Christmas (dare I say the C word in September lol!! ) .... I was 11st 12lbs last Christmas Eve, and I would be very happy to be back there watch this space !!
So what have I been up to? I had a brill night out (what I can remember of it lol) with the lovely Karon on Saturday night. I don't even remember coming home, but Karon assures me we had a good time !!! I went to Gt Yarmouth on Sunday to spend the day with my was a beautiful warm sunny day. I suppose I had a NSV whilst there...I was forced kicking and screaming onto the roller coaster !!! I did it without need two seats to!!! My bum is obviously a lot smaller now than the last time I went on that about 20 years ago !!!
So how ya all doing? I've been lurking a little just grabbing the odd moment or two on here to browse your blogs, and must say its good to see some people really focused and back in the zone....well done to everyone, as this journey is so hard, and to keep plugging away at it month after month deserves praise, so WELL DONE everyone !!
Its good to have a catch up with you. I'm going off to take my nail varnish off, have a lovely bath and just chill tonight....... the peace is amazing...the girls are on holiday and I have the whole house to myself....bliss !!!
Catch ya all soon my lovies xx

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  1. I am so glad things are good for you and your girls. Life is too short to have misery inflicted on a family by one person.

    You 'sound' so happy:)
    Keep it going Tina.



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  3. You do sound happy, its so nice to hear :) More like you :)

    Arghh the C word. xmas section in boots now, so i guess its official!

  4. Don't be a stranger
    you have done fab in the past and will get there x