Monday, 17 January 2011

go me :O) !!

Yay....Go Me !!!

I have now lost 7lbs since the turn of the new year ...whooop whooop !! I mistakenly thought I had lost 6lbs, but silly me cannot count ...derr.....Tina note to oneself......"13st 7lb down to exactly 13st is **7lbs** not 6 !!!!! Idiot :o/ .....I'm in the F4N 11 challenge again this year and reported 6lb off, so if your out there Paul, it was supposed to be 7 !!! I will add that extra pound to this weeks weigh in on Friday if thats easier !!

Feeling so positive right now.....even eating grapefruit for breakfast, and thinking about everything I am eating. Its so good to be back in the driving seat again. It's true that lifes events can change every aspect of your mindset.... the depression I have suffered over the last few years has been lifted, and along with that is my desire to get this blooming weight off again... can life get any better right now ?

Will be back to report this weeks weigh in result on Friday......hope your all feeling positive ....just think everyone, not long til summer now....what a great incentive to get this weight off again !

Catch ya soon xx

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  1. Thats brill Tina :) Well done hun xxx

  2. Fantastic work Tina! Good to hear you sounding so happy and positive :)

    Linz x

  3. Good on ya! You seem like a different person, being in love obviously suits you, you deseve it x